8-2 Pricing Strategies (56 pages)

Case: Dr. Martens moves to China

The makers of Dr. Martens boots have announced the company is moving production to China with the loss of more than 1,000 jobs.
  • A spokesman for the company said the decision was made because it was far cheaper to produce footwear in China. It plans to cease all production in the UK, but will continue to employ a number of office and design staff.

Positive direction

  • Dr. Martens will remain a brand true to its heritage and deliver footwear of the highest quality.
    The offshore strategy is the first step in moving the company and the brand forward in a positive direction.
    Paul Gates, general secretary of KFAT, said: "It may be cheaper in China, but this is an issue of added value and quality."
    "It does not matter if the boots are cheap if nobody is going to buy them (because of their poorer quality)."

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