Computer Architecture

Modern computer technology requires an understanding of both hardware and software, as the interaction between the two offers a framework for mastering the fundamentals of computing. The purpose of this course is to cultivate an understanding of modern computing technology through an in-depth study of the interface between hardware and software. Computer architecture is an aspect of computer systems from outside. It is an abstract of physical computer. It is also properties that computer users must know to write correct programs that can run in machines.

    The target of this course is to build a complete concept of computer systems, to learn analysis and design methods of the computer system, to master basic structure and principle of new computer systems. The course introduces basic conceptsprinciplestructure and fundamental analysis of computer systems completely. The content includes the computer systems' basic concepts, instruction sets, storage systems, input-output systems, scalar processors, vector processors interconnection network, parallel processing, multi-processor, and so on.

教师: 陈龙